Product overview

MIKE 2016



The world's leading modelling package for 2D free surface flow, waves, sediment transport, and environmental processes. The true work horse of estuarine and coastal modelling with a wider range of facilities and modules than any similar package.


A complete 3D modelling package for estuaries, coastal areas, and seas. It covers a wide range of hydrodynamic, environmental, and sediment transport processes.


An integrated modelling system for littoral processes and coastline kinetics. It covers the modelling of non-cohesive sediment transport in waves and currents, littoral drift, coastline evolution, and profile development along quasi-uniform beaches.


The world's leading professional engineering software tool for 1D simulation of hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and sediment transport in estuaries, rivers, irrigation systems and other inland waters.


An integrated hydrological modelling system, which covers the entire land phase of the hydrological cycle.


A dynamically linked one-dimensional (MIKE URBAN or MIKE HYDRO River) and two-dimensional (MIKE 21) flood modeling package. For installation, please refer to the instructions given in the release note.


The common platform for some of the Water Resources products. Includes MIKE HYDRO Basin for Water Resources planning and management studies and MIKE HYDRO River for 1D hydrodynamic river modeling.


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The fully integrated, GIS-based package for modeling urban drainage, collection, and distribution systems.

DHI Network License Manager

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Install this component to enable MIKE to run in network mode. This requires a valid license to the DHI Network License Manager.


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A powerful tool for creating bathymetries and tidal information based on C-MAP by Jeppesen worldwide electronic chart database.


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MIKE SDK is a software development kit that allows you to easily write code that accesses and produces files in the main MIKE data formats (those with file extensions dfs and pfs).


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WEST, the powerful and user friendly tool for dynamic modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). The extensive state-of-the art model and process library of WEST enables you to model and evaluate almost any kind of modern WWTP.


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FEFLOW is a powerful tool for groundwater modelling and a general simulation tool for a wide range of problems involving flow and transport of contaminants or heat in porous media.


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MIKE INFO is a new member of the MIKE product family introduced with Release 2016. It is a comprehensive and flexible data management and data integration product focused on making temporal and spatial data sets available for a variety of purposes. MIKE INFO is a product consolidation of software tools developed and applied in projects over the past 6-7 years. Hence, although MIKE INFO is a new member of the MIKE product family it builds on proven software, which already serve a large number of clients worldwide. With the 2016 release we are now pleased to offer MIKE INFO as a standardized MIKE software product.


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MIKE OPERATIONS is a new member of the MIKE product family introduced with Release 2016. It is a software product designed for model-based forecast services and for online operational control of river systems, water collection systems and water distribution systems. MIKE OPERATIONS allows you to quickly and safely build simple real-time systems while offering flexible tools that help you deal with complexities within real-time modelling.


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DIMS.CORE is a data integration tool for building solutions that transform data into information for operations and management of utilities. It provides the perfect data repository for management and real time operation data and turns data into invaluable information concerning the performance

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