Release Note 2014



Welcome to WEST Release 2014. In this Release Note you will find information about new features of WEST, and what you need to know in order to install and get started with Release 2014.

WEST 2014 is the third release of the re-designed and re-engineered version of WEST, the powerful and user-friendly tool for dynamic modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). The extensive state-of-the art model library of WEST enables one to model and evaluate almost any kind of modern WWTP. WEST 2014 comes in three different flavors:

Previous versions of WEST

Projects created with WEST 2011/2012 can be opened in WEST 2014 without any further ado. Projects created in WEST 3.7.6 must first be converted to 2014 format through the WEST3 Conversion Tool, which is included in the WEST 2014 installation. The WEST3 Conversion Tool can either be lauched from WEST 2014 through the Tools Menu, or it can be started separately through the corresponding Windows Start Menu entry. Projects created with WEST versions prior to 3.7.6 are not supported. It is also not possible to open WEST 2014 projects in WEST 2011/2012.

System requirements

The recommended minimum system requirements are:

Operating systems

Fully supported operating systems *
Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 Pro (64 bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Service Pack 1 (64 bit). For the latest update, please refer to the FAQ.

Non-supported but partially tested operating systems **
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (32 bit), Windows 8 Pro (32 bit) and Windows Server 2012 Standard (64 bit). For the latest update, please refer to the FAQ.
Processor 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium or higher and compatibles, or equivalents
Memory (RAM) 2 GB (or higher)
Hard disk 40 GB (or higher)
Monitor SVGA, resolution 1024x768 in 16 bit colour
Graphics adapter 64 MB RAM (256 MB RAM or higher recommended), 24 bit true colour
Media DVD drive compatible with dual-layer DVDs is required for installation
File system NTFS
Software requirements .NET Framework 4.0 (Full Profile)

* Fully supported operational systems are systems that have been tested in accordance with MIKE by DHI's Quality Assurance procedures and where warranty and software maintenance agreement conditions apply.

** Non-supported but partially tested operating systems are systems, which are not officially supported by the MIKE by DHI software products. These operating systems have only undergone very limited testing for the purpose of MIKE by DHI software, but the software and key features are likely to work. Installation of MIKE by DHI software on a non-supported operating system is done so at the user's own risk. The MIKE by DHI software warranty and software maintenance agreement conditions do not apply for unsupported operating systems and DHI is under no obligation to provide assistance or troubleshooting for cases where the software is being used on a non-supported operating system.

Please note that single user installations are not allowed on server operating systems. Also, when running a fully supported operating system as a 'guest operating system' on a virtualisation platform, it is automatically downgraded to a non-supported operating system under the conditions provided above.


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To install WEST, please choose WEST 2014 in the ‘MIKE by DHI Setup’ dialogue box that appears when inserting the MIKE software 2014 DVD or executing the Setup.exe file from the downloaded installation files. Press the ‘Install’ button to begin installation.

Licence file & dongle

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To use WEST in licenced mode, please follow these steps:

  1. You can retrieve the MIKE by DHI software licence file (DhiLicense.dat) via the Internet. This requires a working Internet connection and a valid e-mail address. The licence file can be retrieved in two ways:
    • During installation of MIKE by DHI software
    • After installation of the MIKE by DHI software, by launching the DHI License Updater through the start menu
  2. To retrieve your licence file during installation of MIKE by DHI software, select ‘Local’ when prompted to ‘Select license type’. In the following dialogue box, select ‘Internet’. At the end of the installation process, you will be prompted to insert your DHI dongle. Insert the dongle and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. To update your licence file using the License Updater, simply launch "Start -> Programs -> MIKE by DHI 2014 -> DHI License Updater" and follow the on-screen instructions. On Windows 8, search for DHI License Updater.
  4. Alternatively, the licence file can simply be copied in \Program files\DHI\2014\License or Program files(x86)\DHI\2014\License.
  5. After completed installation, you should ensure that your hardware key is attached to the system.

Product invocation

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To start WEST, go to Start -> Programs -> MIKE by DHI 2014 -> WEST or search for MIKE by DHI 2014 and select WEST.


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For general support, please refer to our FAQ.

If you experience any difficulties, or if you have any questions, you can contact the Software Support Centre by mail, e-mail, phone or fax:

Software Support Centre
Agern Allé 5
DK-2970 Hørsholm
Tel: +45 4516 9333
Fax: +45 4516 9292

Or you can find your local support centre with support in your local language here.

How to run WEST in other languages than English

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The desired language can be selected through the Options dialogue in the Application Menu. The language dropdown box is part of the Popular category. Note that the newly selected language will one take effect after restarting the WEST application.

New features

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Every new release of WEST consists of new modules, new features and/or corrections to problems or significant inconsistencies discovered in previous releases. Please find short descriptions of the most significant new and exiting features in Release 2014 below. For further information, please refer to the relevant User Guide.

PWM Model Library Category

A new category named PWM_SA was added to the WESTforOPTIMIZATION library, which implements a plant-wide model (PWM) for simulating nutrient removal activated sludge systems. The PWM_SA is a 3-phase model for the simulation of nutrient removal activated sludge systems coupled with the anaerobic, aerobic and anoxic-aerobic digestion of sewage sludge. This includes waste activated sludge produced by biological excess phosphorus removal plants. The model is based on strict material mass balance and is prepared by linking 1) a variation of ASM2 for activated sludge nitrogen and phosphorus removal and aerobic or anoxic–aerobic digestion and 2) a variation of the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) anaerobic digestion model. The main extensions to the original models are through their integration within a 3-phase mixed weak acid/base chemical and physical processes models of the inorganic carbon, ammonia, acetate, propionate and phosphate systems. The plant-wide model was developed jointly by our WEST Development Centers, the Universities of Cape Town and kwaZulu-Natal (South Africa).

IUWS Model Library

A new suite of models for Integrated Urban Water System (IUWS) has been added to the WESTforOPTIMIZATION library. The IUWS library contains a Palette (and the corresponding models) that can be used to build an integrated model of the Urban System consisting of the catchment area (models: variants of "Catchment"), the sewer network (models for pipes and tanks: variants of "Tank"; models for Combined Sewer Overflows: variants of "CSO"), the WWTP (the standard WEST.WWTP models) and the river (models: variants of "River"). Relevant "connectors", sensors and controllers models are also available. A dedicated Block Library has been created. The IUWS library contains only one Category, ASM2dMod (and, by default, only the corresponding Instance): the IUWS models are not fit to be used with any other Model Category. In WEST 2014, the IUWS library is supplied "as is", i.e. with no model documentation. The library was originally developed by Ghent University (Belgium), Waterways (Italy) and Waterschap De Dommel (Netherlands). TBC

Influent / Effluent Tools

The Influent / Effluent Tools have been entirely redesigned and reimplemented. Settings are now made persistent and can be visualised and modified at any time. Also, the tools are no longer implemented as modal windows, but rather as dockable windows. Note: existing (de)fractionation layouts that use references to (de)-fractionation variables in weights will have to be manually adapted: all "_this" suffixes should be removed (".this" should remain however).

Input / Output Tools

The Input / Output Tools have been entirely redesigned and reimplemented. Settings are now made persistent and can be visualised and modified at any time. Also, the tools are no longer implemented as modal windows, but rather as dockable windows.

Dialogue for Top-level Interface Variables

Top-level Interface Variables can now be managed through a dedicated modal dialogue, which can be popped up through the layout's context menu.

Block Library Setup

A new dialogue available through the main menu allows for changing the block library and/or instance for an already existing project. The dialogue also allows for modifying - at the level of the project - one or more model library instance settings (cf. defines).

Organising I/O Sheets

The content (panes) of I/O sheets can be reorganised through a new modal dialogue that is available through the main menu.


A new dockable window available through the main menu allows for adding custom notes to a project. Any RTF content (including text, tables and illustrations) can be included in a note. Multiple note pages can be created if needed.


A new modal dialogue available through the main menu allows for configuring one or more (printable) reports that contain a variety of information items (e.g. general description, image of layout, selection of output sheets, selection of quantity values, selection of input files, ...) pertaining to the project.


The Designer is a new stand-alone GUI Tool that was added to the WEST suite. It allows for performing design-related computations using a number of preconfigured executable models, pertaining to specific layouts (MLE and A2O) and design rules (ATV, Metcalf and Eddy).

Data Editor

The Data Editor is a new stand-alone GUI Tool that was added to the WEST suite. It allows for creating, viewing and modifying data files in WEST format.

Block Details Extensions

The Block Details window has been extended with 2 new visualisation modes. The first enables visualisation of Parameters and Variables in 2 panes (left and right) within the same tabpage, instead of in separate tabpages. Switching between both visualisations is done by clicking "-" and "+" indicators in the top right corner of the Block Details. The second allows for showing "All" Parameters and Variables in the Block Details when multiple blocks are selected, instead of only those that are "Common". Switching between both visualisations is done by clicking "-" and "+" indicators in the top right corner of the Block Details.

Block Summary Extensions

Through extensions to the Block Summary (previously named Info Pane) window, it is now possible to modify values of non-fixed favorite parameters, input variables and derived variables (initial conditions).

Row-major Mapping

The MSL compiler now maps matrices to memory following the row-major rather than the column-major principle. External code that relies on the fact that data items are arranged in column-major fashion will therefore have to be modified.

WEST3 Conversion Tool Mapping Customisation

In the WEST3 Conversion Tool a button labeled "Options" has been added that leads to a conversion mapping table that can be customised (i.e. conversion rules can be added, removed or modified).

Conversion of MATLAB Fuzzy Interface System (FIS) to Executable Code for WEST

CUI tools named tfis2t.exe and tfuzzy.exe have been added to the WEST distribution. These tools allow for converting a MATLAB fuzzy logic model (represented as a *.fis file) to C code that can be called from a MSL model.


The WESTforAUTOMATION distribution now contains an API for use with COM applications.

Known defects & workarounds

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There are no known defects

Fixed issues

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A service pack includes fixes to inconveniences and errors and minor modifications to the official release.
Please note that the service packs are accumulative, i.e. corrections and fixes released with a previous service pack are included in the newest service pack as well.

Release 2014 Service Pack 3


Error/Inconvenience/New feature


Analysis Analysis dialog box disabled while the executable model is being (re)built Fixed
Layout Top-level parameters: Links maintained when block is deleted from the layout Fixed
Layout Top-level parameters: Support for comma as decimal separator Fixed
WESTforOPERATORS Synchronization of parameters of steady-state and dynamic simulation experiments Fixed
Release 2014 Service Pack 2


Error/Inconvenience/New feature


General Amount of memory that can be addressed increased from 2 to 4 Gb (absolute maximum for 32-bit software) Feature
  • Improve performance of loading large data files in data grids
  • Reduce the number of times *.Input.xml and *.Output.xml files are loaded
  • File selection dialog: Default initial folder not correct
  • Run tables lose calculated data under certain circumstances
  • Time series Criteria: Compute Root Mean flag is not stored
  • Objective computation displays incorrect result if all weights are set to zero
  • Time series Criteria: DesiredValue is not stored
  • Run: Quantity sub-objective values should be result of application of difference criterion
  • Variable Criterion not always stored
  • Run: Overall ObjValue sometimes not properly initialized

Block Details Exception in relation to items being in an invalid format Fixed
Block Library
  • Response Time model: parameter 'n' should be limited between 1 and 7
  • Default values for Chemical Dosage (concentration) should be realistic
  • Declare Temp (temperature) as manipulated variable
  • Irvine aeration model: Consumption state variable should be multiplied by 1e-3
  • S_H2 used by more than one ENUM type at different positions
Control Center Exception after running an experiment, resulting in red cross Fixed
  • Tables: Time no longer appears
  • Axes in plots should have RoundFirstLabel set to true by default
  • Sliders: Min, Value and Max not properly initialized
  • Sliders: Frequency, SmallChange and LargeChange not properly initialized
  • Axis property RoundFirstLabel is not maintained when a project is saved and then re-opened
Influent / Effluent / Input / Output
  • Influent block sometimes opens Effluent tool
  • Exception when double-clicking on connection in (de)fractionation layout
  • Data import: Error when setting Time base
  • The data from the second influent file cannot be updated in the tool
  • Generate button throws exception
  • Data Import: Simulation Input Interpolation flag not handled correctly
GSA Check validity of number of shots prior to execution Fixed
GSA / UA Selecting LHS as solver in Analysis dialog is not possible Fixed
  • Loading project with non-existent Instance leads to series of error dialogs and exception
  • Accomodate for partially successful executable model builds
  • Running the TwoASU_SA tutorial throws an exception for a particular plot window
  • Run data sometimes disappears when it should not
Simulation Parameter values remain disabled after running a simulation Fixed
  • TMSL: Check for occurence of same ENUM value in more than one ENUM type at different positions
  • MSL: Code generation problem related to SUMOVER + IF-THEN-ELSE
Units Coherence of unit for "fraction" unit category Fixed
Units Replace "None" unit category by meaningful categories to ensure correct unit conversions Fixed
Release 2014 Service Pack 1


Error/Inconvenience/New feature


  • Run tab: Aggregated quantity objective values are not well treated with respect to decimal separator
  • Run tab: Contents sometimes not shown
Block Library
  • Error when using the WESTforDESIGN model library to create a new block library
  • SBR models: M vector not initialised for newer categories
  • ".t" should not be added to Ext output quantities in *.Exp.xml files
  • Unused Ext output quantities are not removed from *.Exp.xml files
Influent / Effluent / Input / Output
  • Data Import: Erroneous input file cannot be removed
  • Preview issues in input file selection dialog
Influent / Input Non-existent key in manager: BufferComposerManagerBuffer Fixed
Input / Output Save or close panes required to make variables available for connections Fixed
Input Contents of previously generated files not shown in "Generate & Review" Fixed
Layout Model is crippled if a block linked to top-level parameters is deleted from the layout Fixed
Samples, Templates & Tutorials Several files contain reference to C:\Rel\Data\WEST\data\misc instead of ..\..\misc Fixed
Simulation Parameter values remain disabled after running a simulation Fixed
Tornado Add overload of GetValues() to Buffer entity to retrieve entire timeseries Feature
Tornado Tornado: Add support for "standard" events to TornadoNET Feature
Tornado Align generated fuzzy logic C code with MATLAB/Octave Fixed
Tornado BufferComposer: Mean are not computed when EnableMean==true and NameWeight=="" Fixed
Tornado BufferComposer: Generate 1 line with 0's when EnableMean(Weighted) is on and merged buffer is empty Fixed
  • BDVF plots keep full pathname as reference to data
  • Quantities in ExpMC & ExpStats not always appear to be synchronized
Units Missing "IE/km2" (relevant in scope of IUWS) Fixed

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