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MIKE GeoModel

Release Note - 2008


Welcome to MIKE GeoModel Release 2008.

Hardware Requirements

The recommended minimum hardware requirements are:

Supported Operating Systems: XP Professional  (32 and 64 bit), Business (32 and 64 bit)
Processor: 2.0 GHz PC (or higher)
Memory (RAM): 1 GB (or higher)
Hard disk: 40 GB (or higher)
Monitor: SVGA, resolution 1024x768 in 16bit colour
Graphic Card: 32 MB RAM (or higher), 24 bit true colour
Media: CD-ROM/DVD drive, 20 x speed (or higher)
File system: NTFS

Installation^ top

To install MIKE GeoModel, please choose 'MIKE GeoModel in the 'MIKE by DHI Setup' dialog that appears when inserting the MIKE software 2008 DVD and then press the 'Install' button.

The setup program automatically installs all necessary MIKE GeoModel files and folders on your PC. Additionally, a 'MIKE GeoModel' group is created, containing icons for MIKE GeoModel.

License File and Dongle^ top

To use MIKE GeoModel in licensed-mode please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the provided dongle is attached to the computer (parallel or USB port - for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition USB port only)
  2. The dongle driver is installed automatically during the setup of the program. When using Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, the driver for the hardware key must be installed manually. Please follow the installation guideline here.
  3. As a new feature, the license file (DhiLicense.dat) may be retrieved using the Internet. A working Internet connection and a valid e-mail address are required. The license file may be retrieved either during the installation or afterwards, by launching the License Updater from the start menu
  1. To retrieve your license file during the installation, select “Local” when prompted fort the type of License Management, and then select “Internet” and follow the on-screen instructions
  2. To update your license file using the License Updater, simply launch “Start->Programs-> MIKE by DHI ->License Updater” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Alternatively, the license file can simply be copied from the supply medium (attachment to e-mail from DHI or CD/DVD/floppy disk) in the \Common Files\DHI\MIKEZero

Product Invocation^ top

To start MIKE GeoModel, select the 'MIKE GeoModel icon under the 'MIKE GeoModel'  group, or go to Start -> Programs -> MIKE by DHI-> MIKE GeoModel  and select 'MIKE GeoModel'.

Starting MIKE GeoModel without a DHI configured Software Key and valid license files causes the program to run in Demo mode. If this happens, a message box will inform you during program initialization. Running in Demo mode, MIKE GeoModel supplies full access to all editors, computational engines and editing facilities. However, restrictions apply to the setups that can actually be executed as a model simulation.

Support^ top

The Software Support Center can be reached by mail, e-mail, phone or fax:

Software Support Center
Agern Allé 5
DK-2970 Hørsholm
Tel: +45 45 16 93 33 (Open 7.30-16.00 GMT)
Fax: +45 45 16 92 92


MIKE by DHI - Agern Allé 5 - DK-2970 Hørsholm, Denmark - Tel: +45 4516 9200, Fax: +45 4516 9292

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